Dubi Arie

Dubi Arie No artist could be better qualified to give symbolic expression to the history of Israel than Dubi Arie -- for he has lived it all. In fact, it is Dubi's historic and spiritual affinity with his people, his sensitivity to their historic past, and his ultimate faith in their future that has been the inspiration of his art. According to Dubi: "All my life, and everything I have endured has led me to this creation -- "Under the Wings of G-d and the Shadow of Amalek."

Surely, the personal trials and tribulations of the artist have uniquely shaped him for his monumental accomplishment -- an inspired creation that will bestow great benefit to the world. "The Mission" serves as a remarkable inspiration not only for Jews but for all mankind. At its core is a profound universal message -- end the aggression that leads to war and destruction between nations, stop the hate that divides the people of the world. It is Dubi's ardent hope that "The Mission" will impact deep feelings of unity to the Jewish people, and establish bridges of understanding between Jews and all of mankind.